Honor Alexandria (deathsblade) wrote in the_evil_angels,
Honor Alexandria

Actual useful information

Ok girls, I just remembered/refound out something..

Remember the email I sent about how to change an entry you wrote in the community journal?
Well you can still do it that way, but, if you have the LJ desktop client(if you have it, you know what I mean) you can do it there too...

All you gotta do is log in as if you were going to write an entry in the community journal (you know, go to the "Live Journal tab" and select "select active journal" and then "the evil angels".... again, if you've posted in here though you know what I'm talking about) and you can use the "edit last entry" and "view history" options on the client and it brings up the history for the community... so you can edit your entries that way too.

Sounds more complicated but it's really easier.

Ok, just thought I'd share that with you all. :)
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